Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Six Pack of Dollies

What’s finer than a Maureen Mills, Sweet Meadows Doll? Six of them, of course! Here is a new pattern, "A Six Pack of Primitive Dolls". Pattern includes instructions to make all of the dolls as shown as well as their clothing and the fruit or items that they hold. These are big dolls, measuring approx. 29 inches long. You can make just their fruit, etc. for ornies or bowl fillers are they are also oversized. Maureen’s new printed or pattern for these adorable dollies is now available from her directly: order@sweetmeadowsfarm.com

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mr. Pumpkin Man

Today I would like to feature a new pattern by my friend, Kim Kohler of Veenas Mercantile. Kim is a licensed artist for Bethany Lowe. Her creative designs run the gamut from dolls to rabbits to some of the most unusual characters. I just received a stencil rabbit from Kim along with a gift of a stencil brush. She assures me that I can stencil. I’m not so sure. Kim’s newest pattern is an adorable pumpkin person called Mr. Pumpkin, very cute and very prim. For more information on Pumpkin Man and Kim’s other creations go to her web site: www.veenasmercantile.net http://veenasmercantile.net/halloween.html