Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The March Hare

March 1 is almost here and I am thinking bunny rabbits. I am very excited about an on-line class that I will be taking from the well known artist, Nancy Malay.We will be making this adorable rabbit from paper clay. I have never used clay before and am looking forward to this new adventure. The class starts on Tuesday,March 2nd. Nancy is not only a great artist but a wonderful teacher, as well.If you are interested in the class, more information can be found on the Joggles website or: http://www.joggles.com/store/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=20162


Nancy Lee Malay said...

Thanks so much, Miss Connie!!!!!


BlackCrow said...

Oh he's beautiful!!
Great to know about the online class.
I look forward to seeing your progress!...looks like fun!!

vickie said...

Hi, Connie I just found your blog I love your bunnys and bears. wondering if you are still giving out Binky Bear, I would love to make for my 3 year old grand daughter. so so cute. vt_5856@hotmail.com Thanks Vickie

Lisa J said...

So cute I love her!