Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Artist Friend David Everett , Chicken Lips

David Everett of Chicken Lips says: “Chicken Lips is all about putting a smile on your face!” I think that David’s creations do more than make you smile; they will make you laugh out loud. Today I am putting the spotlight on my friend David. Most of his outrageous characters have big smiles with huge teeth. He magically transforms clay like no one else that I have ever seen. I own several of David’s original designs. Go to David’s site for a delightful visit with his smiling odd ball characters. David will be teaching an on-line clay sculpturing class in June for Artful Gathers. Sign- ups began this morning and I am first on the list.


David Everett said...

Coming from someone who truly knows how to make people happy, that means so much to me! Connie, thank you for the support and the friendship :)

Connie Hindmarsh said...

You make me blush. thanks David. I am so glad that we are friends. Connie