Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A New Heart for Valentines Day

I have had a very interesting few weeks. I had a sudden heart attack and had emergency heart surgery. I was fine one minute and gasping for breath the next. My beloved English Bull Dog, UGA, heard me gasping and began barking wildly until the rest of the family was alerted. The picture of my hero is posted. I was unable to have my usual booth last week at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show but did teach my two bear making classes. A good time was had by everyone and all 40 students went home carrying a new mohair Teddy.

I promise to start showing off my new mohair bears, hares, elephants and puppies. Thanks for your time. Connie

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quiltcat said...

Good grief, Connie, i'd had no idea you had had a heart attack, but i've been thinking about you a lot lately! Thank God for UGA, what a good dog!