Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Circus is in Town

As promised, here is my first creation post heart attack. His name is Peanuts and he is ready for the circus. He will be for sale on my web site by tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


Connie Hindmarsh said...
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lisa80268 said...

Hi Connie.
I love the little Circus ;-)

Lisa~ 2 Friends Designs


Hi Connie,
I hope you are feeling well and happy. I was delighted to find you through a post by Chicken Lips. I too am a fan. I love your creations! Sherry

cjcmommy said...

Hi Miss Connie,
I am Dee's friend from NC (Bear Grass) I saw a lot of your work this past weekend when I went to stay with her in Florida. They are beautiful, however I will have to tell you, Peanuts is my favorite. He is just to cute for words.
I am glad I found you.
Enjoy your time with Dee & Kate,

cjcmommy said...

Well, now I just went to your website and I don't know who I like the best. They are all beautiful.

Mark said...

Connie, I'm very happy to see your latest creation Peanuts. Its beautiful as are all your creations. MARK

~ OTBP said...

WELL!! look at you all working on your blog and all.. I just FOLLOWED YOU!! and added you back to my blogs...hugs, robin

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hey, update this woman! hahah.. robin